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What is appropriate attire for the conference?

Business Casual attire is recommended.

How many other exhibitors will there be?

Approximately 125.

What is the expected attendance?

We are anticipating 900- 1000 Practice Administrators in Boca Raton this year.

Will there be attendees from all over the country?

Yes, actually from all over the world!

Can I use one pass for employees working different booth shifts?

If shifts do not overlap, this is allowed. In order to be in the exhibit hall in the booth and for meals, each person will need to wear an exhibitor name badge. Registration for additional booth representatives: $500 each.

Will any meals be provided for exhibitors?

Yes, breakfast and lunch will be provided Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Booth attendees will be requested to eat prior to or immediately after attendees. This will allow exhibit booth staff valuable time to interact with attendees during their break, and still take time for a meal. Further information will be provided closer to the conference in the Exhibitor Agenda.

Can I share my booth with another company?

No. Our policies strictly prohibit booth sharing. Only the representatives of the company that purchased the booth can man the booth. Furthermore, only products and services of the company that purchased the exhibit space can be promoted at the booth.

How do I register our booth representatives?

Register your booth representatives by August 21, 2020 through your online conference account with your email and reference number from your confirmation letter. Should you need your reference number, contact Should you need technical assistance in registering your booth representatives, contact Registration Services:   (888) 570-0899.

What if I need to register additional booth representatives?

Additional booth representatives are $500 each. You can register additional staff through your online conference account by August 21, 2020 with your email and reference number from your confirmation letter.

Should your reference number, contact

Should you need technical assistance contact Registration Services: (888) 570-0899.

Can we host a party or reception during the AADOM Conference?

Without exception, all social events for AADOM members and conference attendees outside of what is on AADOM’s official conference agenda must be scheduled, organized and promoted in cooperation with AADOM.

Where can I find the Exhibitors Agenda?
What are the Exhibitor Sessions?


Are there any display limitations regarding our booth?

Please note that all booths located on the inner perimeter of the Ballroom, booth numbers 408 – 417 and 601 – 610 are tabletop only booths. Companies in these spaces must have retractable components that can be lowered when activity is occurring on the main stage.

What are the set up and tear down hours?

Set up is scheduled from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm on Wednesday. Tear down is scheduled from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm and 4:14 pm – 6:00 pm on Saturday. Please plan travel arrangements accordingly.

Can I set up after hours?

There will be no security and your freight will be unavailable, therefore it is highly discouraged.

Must I pay for people that only set up/tear down?

No, as long as the individuals are only present during set up and tear down.

Can additional tables or other furniture be ordered for my booth?

Please contact Show Management at (954) 764-7719 to request more information.

Can I select my own booth location?

All exhibitors will be asked to choose their booth location upon registration. A map showing available booths will be displayed at the beginning of the registration process. While we will do our best to accommodate requests, AADOM does reserve the right to select final floor layout. For more information or specific requests, please contact Karin Bennett at or (559) 372-4500 M-F between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm PST.

If I need a larger space can I purchase an additional booth?

Please contact Karin Bennett at or (559) 372-4500 M-F between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm PST for information on adding to or upgrading your booth space.

What color are the table linens provided in our booths?

Table coverings are white with black skirting.

How do I ship our materials to the conference location?
What are the insurance requirements?

Each exhibitor is to have a current Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI). Due to exhibitor requests, we are now including liability insurance which meets all of our insurance requirements along with your booth space fee. You will no longer need to go through all the hassles of submitting your own compliant insurance. We hope you appreciate this new benefit.

What is the cancellation policy?

See Terms and Conditions here

Now through April 30, 2020: Full refund minus a 10% Admin Fee
May 1 – June 30, 2020: 50% refund minus a 10% Admin Fee
After July 1, 2020: NO REFUNDS


How do I order electricity, internet or AV?

See AADOM Exhibitor Kit

Can I order internet, electric, AV on site?

Yes, however, the cost will be higher onsite. You are encouraged to pre-order all exhibitor booth needs. See our exhibitor kit for full instructions.


Will there be a lead retrieval app available for exhibitors?

Yes, exhibitors may purchase the iLead App during registration. See the Lead Retrieval information tab on the conference site.

Will we have the option to put qualifiers in iLeads?

The exhibitors can choose to opt-in for qualifiers (free of charge) to use with their Lead Retrieval app.

On how many devices will the iLead app work?

One device per purchased app.


Equipment for Sponsored Breakout Sessions (Sapphire Sponsors Only)

What equipment is included in our Industry or TechPalooza Session?

Each room will have a Projector, Screen, AV Cart, Lavaliere Microphone, Podium Microphone, Laptop Sound Connection. Please note, for best quality, we suggest using only PC or Mac for your presentation.


Do all exhibitors provide raffle gifts?

It is not required but highly recommended. It is a booth draw and a way to collect attendee information.

Attendees will be provided an Exhibitor Passport/list of all exhibitors that they will be bringing to you to sign as they network with you. This passport becomes the attendees’ entry in the prize drawing held on Saturday. Bring your giveaway with you or have it delivered to your booth and we will call you up during the prize giveaway portion of the program to hand to the lucky winner, who will be pulled by AADOM staff from qualifying passports. If your prize is not travel friendly, make a photo poster of the item to display at your booth and ship the actual item directly to the winner.

The purpose of the passport is to direct traffic to your booth. We recommend that you do not sign multiple passports for a single person. Those who do not personally come to your booth should not receive sign off. Having a prize on display at your booth increases booth traffic. Should you offer a separate opportunity drawing at your booth, those winners will not be announced from the stage during the main prize drawing, and should be posted at your booth.

What kind of raffle gifts are usually provided?

Anything from gift cards, to spa certificates, to Keurig coffee makers, iPads, Kindles, designer handbags…The gifts should be for the individual, not the practice.

What is the average value of the raffle gifts provided?

It is up to the exhibitor but the average range is between $100 and $500.


Does AADOM offer other sponsorship opportunities?

Yes, please see Conference Sponsorship and our Media Kit

How can our company purchase an ad in the conference directory?

You can purchase a directory ad through your online conference account. All ad payments and ads are due by: July 1, 2020.  Learn more about conference directory ad options here.  For conference directory ad specifications click here. Follow same ad specs as for an ad in the Observer.

For additional information contact Karin Bennett:


The 2020 AADOM Conference Has Been Rescheduled To 2021

The 2020 AADOM Conference Has Been Rescheduled To 2021

We hope to see you there!

September 9-11, 2021

Boca Raton Resort and Club


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